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Journey Part 1 : A good beginning


Nothing felt better than the blast of humid air that buffeted me as I exited the Quantas jet, descending the on-tarmac ramp to Hobart airport. Coming from single digit, frigid northeastern United States, this change was more than welcome. Welcome also, was the single-counter, double baggage carousel airport of Hobart. Since I was well within the comforting envelope of civilization and Wifi, i have documented most of the important highlights of my stay in Hobart. While there I became attached to this harbor town and it's friendly residents like few new "landings" in my own country. It might have been the newness, but the warm character was pervasive and planted the seed of anticipation to return again. While I'm considering this first leg of my trip, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Katrina Chen and her family (sons Jeremy and Oliver) for making Hobart feel like a second home.

Rocky cliffs along the Derwent river provided some really cool niches for our boat to pull into and get close to this fantastic geology.

I wanted to make a small note about something that I noticed all through this journey. From the planning, funding, equipping and researching each tile slipped into placed when it was needed. Things lined up. Often, the important things lined up without much of my own efforts. Friends, chance meetings with strangers that provided information, serendipitous timing of small events added up to what appeared to almost be a "clearing of the way" to make this happen. When I think back on it, I a bit spooked by this energy flow that I seemed to have been caught up in. I don't know what to call it, but I believe we get back what we put out. There is something more at work, but I don't understand it. It does add an interesting mystique to the whole endeavor though. I look forward to recognizing this "river of purpose" when I am caught up in it again ... maybe it's still happening.

But I want to move on now and play out the highlights of what turned out to be an enlightening and expansive adventure both internally and well, the other way too....