A misty evening takeoff from LAX. Waiting to board the Quantas QF 94 flight to Melbourne, AU. I find that international travel puts me into a bit of a zombie state. I can’t read, don’t think much and am just so grateful for the seemingly never-ending selection of movies

I’m waiting on the tarmac at 11:30 at night in the Quantas jet and I thought I would provide an outline this trip to Tasmania. I will be traveling with a group of 5 other people who regularly explore different parts of Australia every year by way of a bush walk. My good friend Caitlin Eatherton’s mum Jane has been a regular participant of these bush walks dating back to the late 90s. This year they (we) will be exploring the Cradle Mountain area (as I understand it now… this information will be updated and may change). The Cradle Mountain is in the upper west area of Tasmania. Specifically we will be visiting Mt. Ossa and Mt. Pellion. These mountains are characterized by bare rock pinnacles overlooking grassy plains. My part in this enterprise is to create a photo documentary of the trip, the destination and our experience. I intend to produce a book and a story to be promoted to tourism and travel media services.