Now that I am back, sitting in a cafe on the Darling Harbor, more important than describing the trip, was sending out some “thank yous” to those who shared in and made this little adventure possible. My initial intention was to chronologically blog this trip, but it could end up being a lethargic, drawn out thing. So I’ll eventually spoon out some of the interesting bits in roughly chronological order with key photos over the next few weeks. But here are a few “broad stroke” thoughts to share from the experience in the interim.

  • Whatever you think you know about something is usually about 20-40% of the actual affair. Some people are more perceptive and absorptive than others, but I’m not one of them, I’m squarely in the lower-middle register, but will continue to aspire to be further along the scale. 
  • I don’t like being wet for long periods of time. There were times when I thought, when I removed my gaiters, there would be mushrooms growing in there. 
  • If you are open to uncomfortable experiences, you reduce your inhibitions, expand your perspective and gain a greater sense of freedom to move through life. Allowing you to take on the next level of uncomfortability … cuz it never should end if we want to keep growing.
  • People are more open than you think… especially if you are open. We reflect each other’s demeanor and can foster a more positive reaction in others if we first approach it from that perspective.
  • Mosquitos and March flies are the gods punishment for something… but I may never know. It had to be something bad though. Haha 
  • I’m both more and less rugged than I thought I was … and I missed my gadgets, pizza and connection with society. But let's not "drink from the firehose" again if it can be avoided.
After about a week in the bush in central Tasmania in the Cradle Mountain area, I returned to Hobart to recover and get ready to head to the mainland.