In training

I'm 3 days away from leaving for Tasmania in what I believe will be a great life and learning experience. I'm most challenged, not only by the destination, but by the nature of the trip.  This is not an unusual or difficult trip, but quite out of the me ordinary for most of us and the uncertainties and possibilities are thrilling. I think that is part of the major education for any of us. Take a step, a conversation, a social or experiential risk that puts us in a place of the unknown. Forcing us to learn new things and to rely on the support and engagement with others. As a card-carrying introvert (those who have spoken to me, might find that description surprising), I often challenge myself to have that "conversation" and it could be as simple as "hello".  In doing so, opportunities are found and new understanding about myself and others. That is where the growth starts, and moving to the next level is where I'm always orienting my compass.

So here is this damn backpack. I think I have spent more time than I want to admit to anyone in planning it's contents.

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